Panda corydoras for sale

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panda corydoras for sale

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Feeding blood worms to my Panda Cory's, White Cloud's and Shrimp

We only accept payment, made via PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Panda Cory - Corydoras panda. Shipping: Shipments are sent Mondays 3 to 10 days after payment, depending on what day the order was placed.

Live Arrival Guarantee Policy: Live arrival is guaranteed for the purchased livestock only.The Panda Corydoras Corydoras panda gets it's common name from the dark patches over it's eyes. There is also a dark spot near the tail fin.

These corydoras get to around 1. Corydoras in general are quite popular in the hobby and make good tank mates for similar sized species.

The Panda Cories like slightly cooler water temperatures than most tropicals, doing well in temps around 70 to 72 F. Breeding : Likes to deposit eggs near fine leaved plants like java moss with eggs hatching within 3 or 4 days depending on tank temperature.

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease. Site References : Fishbase Wikipedia. Toggle navigation. Aquarium Size : 30 gallons literskeep them in small schools Tank Mates : Similar sized fish with similar water requirements.

Tank Region : Bottom dwellers Gender : Females have wider bodies and may be a bit larger than males. Corydoras hastatus Dwarf Corydoras One of three pygmy corydoras species. Gets to about 1 inch in size, needs to be kept in schools. Kryptopterus Minor Glass Catfish The first thing to notice about the Glass catfish is that it has transparent flesh, which allows us to see the spinal cord and internal organs.

panda corydoras for sale

This transparent fish is also a picky eater; it has been known not to accept flake foods with ease. Baryancistrus sp. Gold Nugget Pleco From 6 to 9 inches and can be quite expensive for a freshwater fish.Sold Out. The Panda Cory Catfish Corydoras panda is a very animated, distinctively marked schooling fish that is perfect for the community and planted aquarium. Its lively personality easily makes a school of these fish the stars of many aquariums!

The Panda Cory Catfish is a very peaceful schooling fish that is compatible with most nano aquarium animals. It might eat dwarf shrimp fry, but is generally safe to keep with adult dwarf shrimp.

It is a classic scavenger and will inhabit and feed at the aquarium floor, which should be comprised of sand or smooth gravel. Very coarse substrate can damage its delicate barbels and underbelly. This fish is otherwise very undemanding, and it will accept most dry and frozen foods. It is adaptable to most tropical freshwater conditions as long as standard regular maintenance is performed.

Sterbai Cory Catfish

Aquatic Ferns Bucephalandra sp. Choose a Pack: School of 3. School of 6. School of 9. School of The Panda Cory Catfish is a very peaceful and hardy addition to almost any aquarium.

Compatible with most adult dwarf shrimp and other invertebrates. Thrives in schools in well-planted aquariums. Distinctive coloration and group schooling behavior. Newest Arrivals Newest Arrivals.

Connect Join our Mailing List for special discounts and notifications about new and limited stock items. Search our store.Panda cory Corydoras panda is one of the most glamorous catfish among Corydoras species. This is a peaceful, not demanding, schooling fish. It eats all types of food and behaves very actively in a tank. The fish inhabits in Ucayali river basin, in Peru upper Amazon river. It can dwell both in clean and muddy waters of streams and tributaries, quite often it swims near sandy bottom.

The first person to keep this fish was Randolph H. Richards in However, this unusual fish has been living without any name for 4 years more. Only in the catfish got its easy to remember name — panda cory. The catfish has a nice pattern on its body. Its body color varies from white to pale pink with three clearly seen dark spots. The second dark spot covers the dorsal fin and the third one is where its tail begins. The catfish belongs to Corydoras family — it has two rows of horny scales along its body.

The name of the kind consists of two Greek words: Cory — a helmet and Doras — skin. Just like all other representatives of Corydoras family, the fish has two rows of overlaying scales and three pairs of barbels.

The fish has quite fat and flattened from sides body. Maxilla and mandible of the catfish inferior mouth have a pair of barbels each. The dorsal fin is bilobular. It is black which is transparent from top. Adult species can be up to 2 inches 5 cm long, however, quite often they are smaller than that.

The lifespan is about years. This catfish is the best choice for a beginner aquarist. It is peaceful, enduring and easy to keep and breed.Native to parts of the upper Amazon in Peru.

Virtually all of the fish entering the trade are produced commercially on farms. These captive-bred fish are generally more hardy and adaptable than their wild counterparts, having been raised in conditions far removed from their natural habitat. Inhabits both clear and blcakwater streams and tributaries, often flowing over sandy substrates.

Many of these are fed with meltwater run-off from the snow-capped Andean mountains at certain points in the year. This would be very simple to arrange. A few handfuls of dried leaves again beech can be used, or oak leaves are also suitable would complete the natural feel. A small net bag filled with aquarium -safe peat can be added to the filter to aid in the simulation of black water conditions. Use fairly dim lighting.

Alternatively, it also does well in a more standard, preferably well-planted tank. These cats are sensitive to poorly-maintained or dirty substrates and can lose their barbels if kept in poor conditions.

It won't do well if kept in warmer water than this long-term, with the likelihood its lifespan will be reduced considerably. Omnivorous and easy to feed. Use a good quality sinking pellet or tablet as the staple diet. Supplement this with live and frozen foods such as DaphniaArtemiabloodworm and similar. Very peaceful and suitable for many community tanks. Good tankmates include small characins, cyprinids, anabantoids, dwarf cichlids and other peaceful catfish. A group of at least six is best.

Can be bred in a similar fashion to many other Corydoras species.

panda corydoras for sale

Filtering the water through peat is useful, as is the use of RO water. Condition the group on a varied diet of live, frozen and dried foods.

Repeat this daily until the fish spawn. Many species are seasonal spawners, breeding during the wet season in their native countries. This occurs at the same time of year as the UK winter, so if summer breeding attempts are failing, it may be worth waiting until winter before trying again.

Additionally, it can take several years for certain species to become sexually matureso be patient.These specialty freshwater catfish are members of the South American Corydoras genus.

They may be referred to under many nicknames such as corydorases, cories, cory cats or cory catfish. Cory Cats are some of the most peaceful and entertaining scavengers for a freshwater aquarium, and will thrive in a wide range of water conditions.

These catfish are very energetic scavengers that remain relatively small. Because of their small size, they are perfect for keeping the substrate clean in a smaller freshwater community aquarium or nano tanks.

panda corydoras for sale

There are over species of this genus! Most cory species are bottom-dwellers, foraging in sand, gravel, or detritus for waste. You can find corys on the banks and sides of the streams which are covered with dense plants and algae. Corys can inhabit a wide variety of water types. They can only tolerate a small amount of salt, some species tolerate none at all.

Most species prefer being in groups and many species are found in schools of hundreds or even thousands of individuals, usually of a single species but occasionally with other species mixed in. Unlike most catfishes which are nocturnal, corys are active during the daytime. Any group of fish type that stays together for social reasons is said to be shoaling. If the shoal is swimming in the same direction together, it is then called Schooling. Fish can get many benefits from shoaling which include a better defense against predators.

Think about it: if fish swim in large schools, it is less likely any one of them will be eaten! It also helps fish find food, as well as a mate! Schools of fish will even swim faster than a lone fish.

Howdy Friends! Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Order a box of happiness Today! We're here to take loving care of your orders! Freshwater Tropical Fish — So much to see here! Blog Contact Us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.Click on each picture to see a bigger picture!

Panda Cory

Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. Like all Corys these are wonderful aquarium fish that are highly recommended. This is a very good aquarium fish. Highly recommended. So far fish farmers have not been able to spawn and produce this fish for aquariums. The name Cory is an abbreviation of the word Corydoras, which is a huge group of dwarf catfish that are all wonderful aquarium fish, and these Rebauti are one of the best Corys.

Click here to see several pictures. Click on each picture to see bigger picture.

Panda Cory Catfish

With a bright horizontal orange stripe. A uniquely colorful Corydoras Catfish. This species seems to vary in color pattern. The bottom picture shows the darker phase. Both color phases are very pretty. Rare and highly recommended.

For a long time incorrectly known as Brochis splendens. Click here to see more pictures. This is a wonder aquarium fish. This is a wonderful aquarium fish.

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Corydoras Catfish

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