Wechat friend verification code

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wechat friend verification code

Restart your phone and install WeChat again. Register to WeChat and request another verification code. There are various ways to do it. It will be easier for you to fix your problem with sending an e-mail.

4 ways to verify WeChat on new device

You can check following questions below for finding more solutions or alternative answers to your problems. You can ask us via commenting this page. Then i sign up it by using my phone number. I completed all step but I cannot completed confirm code from wechat because I cannot receive code.

Thank you for asking How to Chat Online. If you have already tried all steps which we have told on this page, you will need to contact WeChat support. You can send a feedback to application developers with the contact page.

You should do the following:. My Iphone has just been stolen. Answer Yes, unfortunately you need the old phone for migrate all account and now it is almost impossible for you. Wechat only allows you to move your account if you have the old device. We recommend you to contact WeChat for this but not expect much. You should do the following steps to get a support from WeChat for current situation: Tap here to go to Support Page. Select your country. Write your WeChat ID and valid e-mail address in step 2.

Request Support. I am Laura I provide solutions and tips for those applications and websites. As same as others I am living out of China. I am from Russia. I am not getting any code from WeChat. Hello, I would like to use WeChat on my phone. Please help me. How will I delete clear cache and data on iPhone 7? You will need to remove WeChat from your iPhone 7 device.

Then install it from App Store again. If you ever want to clear cache and data of an application on all Iphone devices, you will need to reinstall.

This is not only for WeChat. You need to do it for every devices. But error occur need verification from QR codes. How to scan the codes if we cannot login into Wechat?Do you know how to sign up WeChat account?

wechat friend verification code

Actually, there is only one way to register WeChat account. That is, using your real phone number and ask a WeChat user to help you with verification. WeChat is the most popular platform for Chinese to communicate with others in China. Personally, I only use WeChat pay and Alipay to shop for anything.

Unfortunately, those are not allowed to use in China. As far as I know, the only communication tool from outside China is allowed to use in China is Skype.

Maybe you have trade business with Chinese and you want to chat with them in detail. WeChat is also a kind of trade platform for the individual in China. You are interested in Chinese culture and you want to learn Mandarin by making more Chinese friends. Or maybe you are in China for study, for business, for traveling right now.

But, how to sign up WeChat account? I will show you everything I know step by step. WeChat no longer accepts registration via email address, QQ number, or Facebook account.

A real phone number is the only way to sign up successfully. Please provide the real phone number, otherwise, you will not sign up successfully or your account will be blocked without linking phone number. If you can provide the real phone number, then you should follow the next step. I will keep updating more videos. Thank you! After downloading App you need to install WeChat on your phone. This is really easy, right? If you failed to download the WeChat, it could be due to one of the following reasons.

Many users downloaded the WeChat app from the third party and their account being blocked because of using unofficial App. If you need to change the language, just simple click on the [Language] on the top right corner.

And then select the language you need. You can select region by scrolling down or searching on the search bar. Password : Setup your password. And then click [Sign Up] button to the next step. Check the box below after you have read and agree to the above terms.

But most people will be requested a Security verification since the year. So, keep reading to continue the next step. Apparently, most of you will fail in this step. The most difficult thing is finding WeChat user to help you with verification. Nobody knows how to skip the verification step, it all depends. Assistant registration is when the system automatically configures an account based on the sign-up environment device and IP address.

Following the instructions on the screen, ask a friend near you to use their WeChat account to help you complete the verification for sign-up. I recommend you to find a Chiese WeChat user to help you with verification. When your friends meet the criteria, then you can move on.What is WeChat? WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging and social media app which is prevalent in China and other countries and areas.

How can I do Wechat friend verification without any friends?

Here are some of the tips and tricks that can help you to do a quick check-and-repair for WeChat glitches. If not, you have to uninstall the old WeChat app and download it from the official Google Play store or Apple App store. If so, upgrade the app to the latest version. If there is an error in updating the app, you can try clearing all the app data and uninstall the app. Then install the app from the official site again.

And normally, the WeChat login problem can be summarized into 5 cases:. On the login page, hit Forgot password? Then you will receive a SMS message with a new passcode. And then you can login WeChat with this new code. When you login WeChat with the linked account but never receive the verification code via SMS or email, you can check these:. If so, you should find the blocked message in the spam folder or close the security app and request for a new verification message.

In this case, you need to exit the login page and wait for a minute. Then login and verify once again.

wechat friend verification code

Please insert the SIM card to another phone and check if it works. Then go with the instructions to retrieve a new password. Once your request is approved, you will receive a message telling you the new WeChat login passcode within 24 hours. Finally, login WeChat with the new code on your new phone.

When you can login WeChat because your account has been blocked, you can try these 3 methods. Some users may want to login and use WeChat without mobile phone.

Yes, you can scan the QR code to login the web WeChat on computer, instead of logging in WeChat app with an account and its password. However, some may fail to scan the code for some reasons. To fix this, you can:.

If the version of the browser is too old, the QR code may not appear. So you have to check the version and upgrade it, in order to support the QR code. You have to connect you phone and computer to a good network connection, so as to login WeChat successfully. Neither the computer screen is too bright nor too dark, the phone camera has difficulty in scanning the code on it.

So you should go to the computer brightness setting and adjust the screen brightness. Any question or problem you can share with us in the comment section below.

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This article has also been viewedtimes. Learn more Explore this Article Registering an Account. Adding Friends. Using WeChat. Related Articles. Part 1 of Register an account. Open WeChat.It was first released 8 years ago on 21 January Chinese pronounciation : Weixin. And now it has been reported by users that their account has been blocked just after registration and they got a notification from WeChat telling them to verify their account with a friend.

WeChat has made it that now fellow teachers can only verify 1 person within 6 months in a span of a year. After reading this article you will pretty much know how to deal with this issue. In order to unblock you will need to do following steps:. Select your nation in the locale field. Now, select unable to login in categories.

In the following field, you should pick Account blocked. Finally submit the application and wait for the team to contact you. You should be cautious in the depiction field however. You have to reveal to WeChat staff that what you are looking with the application and you should be extremely distinct and upto the point while telling your concern in the application.

However, if you are someone who knows Chinese, you will get a better response from the staff, they will try to reach you as soon as possible. So it would be better if you have any Chinese companion, and you can instruct him to contact with those folks for you. This will make things much quicker and simpler for you. If you reach them with Chinese language, they will react to your query in days. However, if you contact them in English language, this might take days. Until then, you can even find friends, activate your account while you wait.

If you are an iPhone user, you should choose iPhone at stage 3. This is imperative to give right data. So you additionally need to fill locale and classification part effectively.Since it is an account issue, there is not much to do against that but contact WeChat staff.

It is because your phone number will be blocked, once WeChat ask verifying your account. We are going to provide a guideline on here for you to contact WeChat staff. You can see what your friends need to do for verifying with our guide. Chat Now.

However it is reported by users that their account has been blocked just after registration and they get notification from WeChat to verify their account with a friend. So how will you resolve this issue. Firstly you will need to find a friend who is using the application and he needs to be eligible for that. If you found a friend which has 3 terms we have told above, he needs to do following. Pictures are for android but it is same with iOS. So you can do same for iOS devices too.

I was using the app for a couple days and then it became locked. It says I need verification from a user. I only had one user on it.

Welcome to How to Chat Online. Yes it is one of common problem of WeChat and unfortunately this is an account issue.

You will need to contact to WeChat staff directly because it is an account issue. Do the solutions which we have provided above. However you should certainly clarify your situation that you cannot verify WeChat through a friend. My WeChat account is blocked.

WeChat wants to me to verify my account with friends but I have no friends at the moment. How can I resolve this problem? It is the common problem of new users of WeChat nowadays.

Their accounts are getting blocked by the application and the app wants them to verify users account with friend. Please follow all steps above. Please help.

All these 3 features are required.Many of you will buy a new mobile phone in two years or less. Why WeChat always ask for Security Verification? I think It would be very helpful for WeChat account security. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Wechat Friend Verification Verify account with friend’s assist

I will not show you how to log in to your WeChat account. I will show you every method step by step. Tap [Ask friend to verify account using Help Friend Log in]. Ask your WeChat friends to send temporary code to your WeChat. How to let them know your temporary code? You can do whatever you can to let them know, via phone call, SMS, Email or other methods.

If you need more than one friend to help you, then you need to ask more friends to help you until the number meet the requirement. After that, you will be verified successfully. This method is for people who have the old mobile phone by your side right now. The old mobile phone is that the last time your WeChat has logged in to.

You need to use the original phone to scan this QR code. The original phone should be the last time your WeChat have logged in to that. If your WeChat was signed up by phone number or you have linked your phone number to your WeChatThen you should consider this method because it will be more convenient to verify. You can check and update your WeChat version as follow steps. I have shown you that 4 ways to verify WeChat on a new device.

As I said, I recommend you to enable Voiceprint feature in case you changed mobile phone or forgot the password. Especially for someone lost their phone. When this limit is reached, you can log in with password or other methods, or you can log in via Voiceprint again after 24 hours.

As you can see, I have put a lot of effort into this article. So, If you have any questions, please let me know and comment below. I will try my best to fix it and help more people. Feel free to contact me. Hi Silas, just went through your very useful post. Could you help me verifying my number on WeChat? I tried to get friends help me recover my account. Problem is, that verification code changes! When I got the code, I texted my friends and told them to send it to my wechat account.

They may see it some hours later, then sent the code, by that time I had already been doing other things, so I went back to Wechat, starting over the process, and this time it gave me a New code, different from last time, so I told my friends to send this second code. This repeated.


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